Welcome to Bay Area Drifting where we focus on the core concept of all drifting levels and skills here in the bay area. We are located at many of the local Northern California tracks. Thunderhill Raceway know for there world famous courses and there new Thunderhill west course , Sonoma Race way known for there amassing history in Sonoma county and Stockton 99 speed way in Stockton California.


Bay Area Drifting was created from the passion of owner and lead instructor Joe Farasati. Joe has been driving recreationally and more recently in pro-am competition for nearly 11 years. Joe worked hard to advance his career as a driver, but running a pro-level program took away from time with his family. There had to be a way for these worlds to coexist.


Joe began drifting because it was fun, and that remains his motivation. More and more people began asking him for tips and advice about their own cars and driving, so Joe recognized an opportunity. Learning is much easier in a low-stakes, non-competitive environment, and there is no better way to cultivate your own passion than sharing it with others.



While the purpose of BAD is to have fun, you will also learn invaluable car control skills that may just save your life in the wrong situation. From first-timers to seasoned pros, Joe and his team will work collaboratively with you to provide constructive, insightful feedback for your particular driving style. Contact us today to arrange your session!