Drifting is not without its own risks of course, so please be prepared to sign a liability waiver before driving. We do our best to promote and maintain a safe experience throughout, but in the unlikely event of an accident, peace of mind is better than hindsight.


  • -Under no circumstances whatsoever are students to drive on the track portion of Thunderhill Raceway.
  •  -MUST BE ABLE TO DRIVE A MANUAL TRANSMISSION VEHICLE  or has scheduled to bring an automatic car specifically
  • -If you enter the track portion of Thunderhill Raceway, you will be fined $600 and banned FOR LIFE.
  • -If you have questions during the event, ask your instructor. Otherwise we will assume you understand the theory, principles, and techniques.
  • -Due to limited availability and high demand, no refunds will be issued and participation dates cannot be changed or 'swapped'.
  • -Helmets will remain on at all times when driving on skid pad.
  • -No speeding in the paddock area over the limit of 5 miles per hour. If you speed you will be asked to leave without refund by track officials.
  • -We fully understand the learning curve of skill, encourage new drivers and have patience, but if a student is not able to effectively and safely execute the instructional techniques, we reserve the right to end there session.

-Due to limited availability. You may cancel either a rental or bring your own car registration for a full refund up to thirty (30) days prior to the date of the event. After that, no refunds will be offered. For bring your own car registration, you are allowed one (1) deferral date. After that, you forfeit payment.