• If you bring your own car for instruction, please be diligent in your preparation for the event.Make sure your battery holds a strong, steady charge and is secured properly. It must be tied down in place. Make sure your engine oil is clean and topped-off. Vehicles with significant leaks will be refused entry.

bay area drifting vehicle prep

  • Please bring a spare set of mounted rear wheels and tires. It is not safe to drive home on the same set of tires you have been drifting with all day. Nothing fancy needed, even stock wheels and tires will do if you already happen to have aftermarket wheels. Make sure all lug nuts are torqued to specification and you remember your lug key if you have wheel locks.

bay area drifting sonoma drift

  • Please make sure your vehicle is drift ready with either a limited-slip differential (LSD), a locking differential, or a welded differential.