Where are Bay Area Drifting events held?
  • All Bay Area Drifting events are currently held on the Thunderhill Raceway skidpad in Willows, California. We have our own pop-up classroom on the tarmac directly adjacent to the skidpad with shaded tents and seating.
What time does the Bay Area Drifting class start?
  • Bay Area Drifting group classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event. While attendance to this portion is not mandatory, please keep in mind that your driving session may be compromised if you do not have familiarity with and understanding of the terms, principles, and theories of instruction. No refunds, deferrals, or exchanges will be offered should you miss the class portion, so please plan accordingly.
What time does my Bay Area Drifting in-car instruction start?
  • Bay Area Drifting individual in-car instruction is scheduled entirely by order of payment received. Therefore, the first students who paid for our rental car are the first students to drive on the skidpad, and subsequent progression through the end of the day.
Can I change my Bay Area Drifting driving time slot?
  • Unfortunately, you cannot change your driving time slot. Bay Area Drifting only has access to the Thunderhill skidpad for a predetermined time block so we must strictly adhere to the schedule. You can ask other students to switch, but that is entirely your responsibility.
Can I leave the track before and/or after my Bay Area Drifting driving time slot?
  • Yes, after Bay Area Drifting group classroom instruction, you are free to leave the track and return for your driving time slot. However, we find it helpful and informative to watch other students in the car. Also, you may leave for the day after your second driving time slot after lunch. 
What should I bring for my Bay Area Drifting experience?
  • First and foremost, a positive attitude! We are about good vibes and having fun, no one is here to drive competitively or 'win' the event. Otherwise, you should wear comfortable, flexible shoes, bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. We provide light refreshments.
What do I need to bring my own car to Bay Area Drifting?
  • Your car needs to be rear-wheel drive and have a manual transmission. It must have functional seat belts or certified safety harnesses. You must also bring a spare set or rear mounted wheels and tires for instruction. It is not safe to learn and practice on the same tires you intend to drive home on. They do not need to be anything fancy or special, stock wheels and tires are just fine if you already happen to have aftermarket ones mounted.
Does Bay Area Drifting offer cancellations, refunds, or exchanges?
  • Due to limited space and our registration processes.  All invoices are final and no refund will be issued after the invoice is paid. ( No cancellations or transfer of dates at all under any circumstances )
Does Bay Area Drifting offer gift certificates?
  • Yes, we can provide you with a gift certificate for either a Bay Area Drifting rental or bring your own car registration. A BAD gift certificate makes a wonderful birthday, graduation, or holiday present.