What to Bring

What will you need? First and foremost, a positive, upbeat attitude! You are paying to be here with us and learn how to have fun behind the wheel, so enjoy it. A driving suit is not necessary, but please wear long pants and comfortable, flexible shoes. Sorry ladies, no heels or Uggs! Helmets will be provided for rental registrations by your instructional staff. If you are bringing your car for instruction, please bring your own helmet.

 Bay area drifting happy

Please wear comfortable, flexible shoes for our class. Your favorite sneakers are a great choice, no sandals or flip-flops please. Due to the location of the Track it either windy or hot so please wear comfortable, light-colored clothing. We are on a large tarmac skidpad and the asphalt can really heat up in the sun.

Bay area drifting hat

 We also strongly encourage you to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to stay comfortable while you are not driving. There will be snacks and water for everybody, but please plan on bringing your own lunch or finding a local place to eat. Normally there is The Thunderhill Grill is typically open most days from 7am to 3pm serving hot food. Please call to make sure they are open before you arrive.