Welcome to 2018 drifting fans, I hope your New Year has been as good for you and your loved ones as it has been for us here at Bay Area Drifting. As always, none of this would be possible without your ongoing enthusiasm and support, so my sincere thanks for believing in the Bay Area Drifting vision.

That being said, we are exploring some exciting new developments. After a very successful and more importantly, fun, weekend at Winter Jam hosted by Sonoma Drift, we had quite a bit of interest in our classes. Winter Jam is one of my favorite events of the year, and I cannot thank Sonoma Drift enough for organizing such an awesome weekend for the community.

  Sonoma Drift Bay Area drifting 2018

(Photo By Kingsley Hurley Sonoma Drift)

I never imagined Bay Area Drifting would become anything more than a couple fun weekends per year sharing my passion and knowledge with new drifting fans, but it has evolved into a proper business. That holding true, and based on the feedback from several Sonoma Drift events, we will be adding a second school rental car in the coming months. 

sonoma drift bay area drifting 2018 b

(Photo By Kingsley Hurley Sonoma Drift)

Another car means another instructor, and I am currently working with several local friends with Formula Drift experience to determine who will be the best fit to uphold the instructional standards of Bay Area Drifting. Stay tuned!

sonoma drift Bay Area drifting 2018 c

(Photo By Kingsley Hurley Sonoma Drift)