There is a lot of different Sim equipment in the world. From belt driven steering like the Logitech G29 to Direct Drive motors like the Simagic Alpha Mini. What’s the right gear and how does it affect your driving and learning ability? Well after hundreds of hours of driving we have proven that having the right gear to practice is definitely important. Here are our requirements and what you must have if your not using our gear. 




  • Steering
    • Steering is super important in a sim rig. Since you cant feel the car. Your steering feedback is ultra important. (Minimum at least a G29 wheel with a 350mm steering wheel). We highly recommend that you start off with a Direct Drive wheel like a Simagic Alpha Mini with a NRG Sim SPLTZ


  • Pedals
    • Once you get some seat time under your belt you quickly realize how important the gas pedal feel is. With this we highly recommend the Simagic P2000 . These pedals are fully adjustable and have great feel to them like a real racecar 


  • Shifter 
    • The shifter can be something that you can hold back on budget wise and start off with a lower end model like a Amazon (USB Simulator Shifter)
      and work your way up to a Simagic Ds-8X


  • Hand Brake 
    • The hand brake better known as E-Brake is something that can be a sensitive matter for most. That is something that you need good range in and we recommend you just go right to the Simagic TB-1 


  • Cockpit
    • Last but most important for sustainability is the cockpit frame. Something we have explored to find the right one. We have come to find the NRG Simulator Cockpit has everything a new driver needs from holding your computer to even holding your drink while you drive. 

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